Feeling overwhelmed by #MomLife? Finding your Mom Tribe just got easier.

Has your kid ever wanted to plan a sleepover with friends from school, but then you realize you don’t have any of their parents’ contact info? What are you supposed to do…attend every single PTA meeting in the hopes of collecting all the other moms’ phone numbers? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Or maybe you’re a working mom trying to find a great daycare, but all of the other moms you know either have nannies or they stay at home. There could be several other moms right in your neighborhood who have awesome insight on local daycares, but how are you supposed to track them down? Put flyers in all the mailboxes? Stalk your neighborhood association Facebook group?

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a stepmom, or an expecting mother, you have a million things going on every single day. You don’t have time to check several different online networks, attend mom meetups on weeknights, input your kids’ school directory into your iPhone, or read random mommy blogs to feel some semblance of support.

Raising kids really does take a village, but you shouldn’t have to BUILD the village on your own.

Our Founder Jen, has heard countless stories from mom friends who were searching — with no luck — for a genuine, supportive community of moms who experience the same ups and downs of mom life that they do. A central place to find a local mom network, share stories, offer advice, plan classroom birthday parties, organize soccer team snacks, and have some refreshingly real conversations about motherhood.

And that’s exactly what we’re building with Mom Tribe App.

Mom Tribe is a location-based mobile app that gives moms like you an inclusive, judgment-free community in your own city. You don’t have to be invited, you won’t be filtered, and you can be any kind of mom at any stage of motherhood.

We’re currently in the beta phase, which means early users have the opportunity to help us shape Mom Tribe App into exactly the resource and community YOU really need. We’ve talked with tons of moms so far, and have already used their insights to make Mom Tribe App a truly personalized experience.

That means you can do things like make your profile available on your own terms, share only what you want to share, and engage in conversations whenever and with whomever you want.

In the Mom Tribe App, each mom’s profile includes a bit of information (like your city and your kids’ ages) as well as any mutual connections you might have based on location or things like your children’s school or activities. You can easily find fellow moms by using the app’s simple search feature. And, since posts are organized both by location and by hashtag, you can search for specific conversations on topics that interest you.

Say you want to find #Charlotte moms talking about #Daycare. You can do that in Mom Tribe, and you’ll even be able to see if any of those moms share mutual friends. Or, say you have a child with a unique health issue, but moms with valuable advice may not be in your area. Just search the hashtags and find support from a Mom Tribe beyond your zip code.

Mom Tribe App also enables you to direct message and group chat with fellow moms. That sleepover scenario we mentioned? You can search for your kids’ school based on location and hashtags, find Tommy’s mom, trade messages as needed (and on your time), and leave the chat whenever you want — no phone number swap required.

And if it’s a group sleepover, soccer game, or birthday party? Mom Tribe group chats are organized and given context so you’re not left wondering “who’s this?”. No more group texts with a string of random phone numbers; in the app, you can see each mom’s name as well as context for how you’re connected. That way, you immediately know you’re chatting with Tommy’s mom from school, Jane’s mom from the library, and Eric’s mom from the baseball team.

As your children’s activities change, your network adapts automatically, which means you’ll always be connected to the Mom Tribe that’s most helpful to you.

Plus, as the app continues to grow, so too will your own personal “Mom Tribe.” Your village will start to build itself, and you’ll be able to tap into a robust network of moms who you didn’t even know existed. Whether it’s expanding your carpool circle, finding more in-depth motherhood advice, meeting moms with similar interests or hobbies, or even networking with fellow moms for new job opportunities, Mom Tribe App is on a mission to bring all of those connections to one place. You’ll save tons of time and energy knowing that your Mom Tribe is organized and accessible through a simple (and free) app.

Your village — your very own Mom Tribe — will be right at your fingertips.

Ready to grow your Mom Tribe? Be one of the first to help us build this mobile community into something truly great. Download the free mobile app in the App Store here.

Once you download it, we’d love if you invited your friends, neighbors and colleagues! AND we’d really love to hear your feedback! Your input will help us shape Mom Tribe App into exactly what YOU need to make motherhood easier. Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page!